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5 Ways an Independent Energy Broker Can Benefit Your Business

With the current competitive environment in deregulated electricity, it’s no wonder most people who purchase commercial electricity are tired of pushy “energy sales guys” who come calling around renewal time. If you don’t need the hassle but also want to be assured you find the best deal for your business, there is an option you may not have considered. Your answer may be an Energy Broker: An independent and impartial third party who will do all the legwork for you and save you money.

These 4 questions may help you determine if you need a broker’s help:

  • Do I really have the time required to do a thorough job?
  • Is energy purchasing a top priority or an unwelcome distraction from my core business?
  • Do I have the in-depth knowledge to make a cost effective deal?
  • If the deal goes wrong, would I know how to get it back on track?

There are 5 major ways in which an independent energy broker can help your business:

1. Brokers provide in-depth market expertise.
Do you use outside sources for legal counsel, accounting, or IT? You do this because it’s either too difficult or because you found it saves money. Why would you treat energy procurement differently? Does your in-house person have the time or experience to make the best decisions?

2. Brokers provide strategic direction.
Energy brokers do more than just find the lowest rate. By taking the time to  understand the complexity of your operations and future business needs, they ensure that your energy contracts will deliver cost savings for the long-term, not just meet the needs of finding the ‘cheapest’ contract rates on the day your renewal is due.

3. Brokers can handle the complex task of buying power in deregulated markets.
There are over 100 Retail Electric Providers in Texas. Knowing which supplier has the right commercial requirements for your business is a complex task. Timing is critical, as wholesale energy prices constantly rise and fall. Monitoring the market for dips can make a difference of thousands of dollars.

4. Brokers force competition and use their leverage to get better pricing.
When energy suppliers are forced to compete for your business, you save money. Many suppliers will offer a different/lower price to brokers as compared to giving a customer a price directly, simply because they know they have to compete for the business. This drives the suppliers margin, as well as your final price, downward.

5. Brokers take a personal interest in your business.A broker is your friend in the energy business. As your agent in the market, they keep your business in mind 12 months out of the year, not just renewal time. They look over your contract and first electric bill to ensure you are being charged the right amount for the energy you use. If a dispute arises, your broker can help resolve the matter on your behalf.

Why call an Independent Energy Broker?

It’s cheaper. It’s easier. It’s less time consuming.

Since 2002, as one of the industry’s most respected independent brokers, Texzon Utilities has helped companies of all sizes make well informed, strategic decisions regarding their energy purchases, producing savings that track to the bottom line.
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