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5 Things Your Electricity Provider Doesn’t Want You to Know

Now that energy markets have been deregulated and power suppliers have to compete with each other for your business, things have gotten…a little complicated to say the least. To make their prices look as attractive as possible, providers are playing some funny games with rates and fees and hidden “ancillary charges” Here are a few things they hope you […]

Aggregation Groups: One Size Does Not Fit All

The original purpose of aggregation groups was to get different energy suppliers to competitively bid against each other to provide the group with the lowest rate. However, in today’s energy climate, it doesn’t always work out the best for every participant in the pool. Here are some of the pros and cons of energy aggregation. […]

5 Ways an Independent Energy Broker Can Benefit Your Business

With the current competitive environment in deregulated electricity, it’s no wonder most people who purchase commercial electricity are tired of pushy “energy sales guys” who come calling around renewal time. If you don’t need the hassle but also want to be assured you find the best deal for your business, there is an option you may not have considered. […]